Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Texas Longhorn, on the Prairie

"Texas Longhorn, on the Prairie"
16" X 20" oil on canvas,


Thank you to Robert Hensley for the reference photos.

 Below are the stages of this painting in progress. 

Adding more detail, almost done.

I added some brush at the bottom of the painting and continued working
on the face and body of the cow.

In this stage I have worked on the horns, and enlarged the rear end of the cow to be more correctly in proportion to her head.

This (above) is where I left off last night before I went to bed. At this point the painting is about half finished. I had added more orange into the mountains, sky, and landscape. I also worked on the eye, that is closest, and made it softer so she looks more peaceful and not so scared. When I got up this morning and looked at it, I realized that her head is too large in relation to her rear end. Her hips and rear area should be larger than I have drawn them because they are closer to the viewer. So today I will increase the size of her rear end, and then she should look more accurately proportioned.

Now I have made a little more progress on the mountains and sky.

During the next phase (above) I have begun to add some cool hues of purple and blue, and added some mountains into the background. I'm still keeping it very loose at this point.

My fascination with herd/prey animals continues, and here (above) is my current work in progress, a Texas Long Horn cow. I have drawn her with pencil onto my canvas and have begun to add some orange and peach to the drawing.

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