Thursday, August 25, 2011

Southwest Bison, Colorful Wildlife Painting by Theresa Paden

"Southwest Bison"
Colorful Wildlife Painting
By Theresa Paden

20 x 16"
Acrylic on 1.5" gallery wrapped canvas

 The first time I visited New Mexico was in 1988, when my soon-to-be husband 
took me to visit his family in Albuquerque. I fell in love with everything about the Southwest. The colors, the history, the culture, the people, the land, and the architecture.
The light is incredible and is the reason so many artists choose to live there. The bison 
in my painting stands, illuminated by the light and colors of the Southwest.

A Bison and a Baby Pygmy Goat, Bison on the Prairie in Autumn by Theresa Paden

"Bison on the Prairie in Autumn"
Painting of an American Buffalo
By Theresa Paden

20 x 16"
Acrylic on canvas
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Baby pygmy goats are so adorable. The photo below is "Rascal", one of the
pygmy goat kids that my daughter and I raised. There were three kids in his dam's 
(mom's) kidding: two bucks and one doe. Rascal went on to become the
Ventura County Fair Champion Wether! (a wether is a castrated male). Pygmy goats
are supposed to have large barreled bodies, short necks, and short legs, as 
you can see by the bottom photo of Rascal, where he's all grown up.


Sunday, August 21, 2011

Two Smart Dogs and a Baby Bison


These two adorable dogs look pretty innocent, don't they? Well, they are 
for the most part, but they are also very smart! They have a 5,000 square foot lawn and about 
an acre to run and play on. Lots of wild bunnies and ground squirrels to chase, and plenty of riders 
on horseback going along the trail, next to our property, to run over and look at. 

But they have decided that all of this is not enough. When you turn your back, and they 
think you aren't looking, they will make their way over to one of our three gates. 
Faith, the golden retriever, will stand on her hind legs and use her front paw to unlatch the gate. 
Teddy, the Aussie, wanting everyone to think that Faith is the bad one and he is the good 
one, will not actively do anything to the gate. He will stay back about six feet and turn his head to 
look back at the house to see if anyone is watching. When they see that you ARE watching, 
they back away and pretend that they weren't doing anything at all! But we can't be watching all the time, so sometimes we find the culprits on the driveway. So far, I haven't been able 
to get a photo of them caught in the act, but when I do I'll share it with you!

Teddy and Faith think they have me buffaloed, 
which brings me to this painting of a young bison!

"Young Prince of the Prairie"
Bison Calf Painting
By Theresa Paden

12" X 12"
Acrylic on 1.5 gallery wrapped canvas

$275.00 + shipping
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Friday, August 19, 2011

Annabelle's Makeover, Colorful Cow Painting by Theresa Paden

Colorful Cow Painting
"Annabelle's Makeover"
By Theresa Paden

20 x 16"
Acrylic on stretched canvas
I reworked Annabelle and added more orange and yellow 
to warm up the painting.


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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Colorful Painting of a Chicken, High Steppin' Hen, by Theresa Paden

Colorful Painting of a Chicken
"High Steppin' Hen"
By Theresa Paden

10 x 8" 
Acrylic on canvas board
Original painting is sold, but fine art prints and canvas prints are available. 
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This painting is from My Affordable Small Works Series:
"Good Things Come in Small Packages"
Over the next 3 months, I will be creating many 
small, affordable paintings that make
Great Holiday Gifts!
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Monday, August 15, 2011

Seagull on a Sandcastle, Affordable Small Painting by Theresa Paden

Seagull on a Sandcastle
Affordable Small Painting
By Theresa Paden

9 x 12"
Oil on stretched canvas

This is one of my affordable small paintings.
The smaller works make great gifts!
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