Monday, November 12, 2012

Small Wildlife Painting, Yellowstone Bison by Theresa Paden

Small Wildlife Painting
"Yellowstone Bison"
By Theresa Paden

6 x 8"
Acrylic paint on canvasboard

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When I was 9 years old, my mother 
taught me how to paint with oils. 
I started doing small paintings, 4x5" or 5x7".
My mom is an excellent artist and 
had been selling her larger paintings at 
outdoor art festivals. I began to
 sell my small ones, too, and we had so 
much fun doing those art shows together.
I don't usually paint small anymore, but I had
a great time painting this little buffalo 
and remembering the fun times with my mom. 


  1. Love hearing about your mom. And, like how this looks on the little easel and table.

  2. A wonderful post, Theresa. Your Mom taught you well!! I love this bison..beautiful colors. These little paintings are the perfect size for Christmas gifts.!

    1. Thank you Hilda. I'm glad you like the tiny bison :)

  3. I was so surprised to see how small this is. I really like it. You should do more this size.

    1. Yes, it sure is small! Quite a challenge to paint that small, but fun at the same time! Thank you Nancy!