Saturday, October 30, 2010

Colt McCoy, Belgian Warmblood Portrait by Theresa Paden

"Colt McCoy"
Belgian Warmblood Portrait
By Theresa Paden
#41 of 50 Horses in 50 Days
8" X 10" Charcoal on Canson paper
15% will be donated to 
California Coastal Horse Rescue in Ojai.

This is Colt McCoy. 
He belongs to my friend, Tally. 
Colt was born on May 10th to Irish Linen, 
a premium Belgian Warmblood mare.
At the recent annual inspection, the Keuring, he was 
rated number two in the United States, 
missing the number one spot by only one point! 
He's also super friendly and loves attention.


  1. Colt McCoy is a winner. What a darling colt. You captured his spirit with your painting.

  2. This is such a classic looking portrait. It's wonderful.