Friday, October 22, 2010

McGee, an Arabian Horse Portrait by Theresa Paden

 Arabian Horse Portrait
By Theresa Paden
#33 of 50 Horses in 50 Days
12" X 12" Pastel on brown Canson paper

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McGee is an Arabian that my youngest daughter 
used to ride. He let her brush him, braid his mane and do all 
those girly things to him for hours on end. 
He put up with all of it, but always had a look on his face, 
like he was thinking "Here we go again"! 

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Thanks for looking at my artwork!


  1. the brown paper and the soft gold lighting work wonderfully, what a fantastic painting

  2. Beautiful! I love the light in this one.

  3. McGee is really a handsome guy. I love the light in this work. Lovely!

  4. Love the warm palette on this one. Just gorgeous. I am adding your link onto my blog as I just realized it is not on there.

  5. Thank you, Karen, I really appreciate that :)

  6. This has a wonderful glow and I love the expression on the horse's face.